Meaning and Narrative

People often ask "What do your paintings mean ?" The answer is always "They are meant to mean nothing." A definition of "Narrative" is: The art, technique or process of telling a story. If there is a narrative in my paintings, for me it lays in the process of creating them, not the result. People can see what they want or feel. They can create their own narrative around them, and I can't control that. Once completed, my paintings don't belong to me anymore. I like to think that they are autonomous and universal. That being said, I do believe that although I do not make conscious decisions to express a specific story, I credit my sensibility and my mood for the choices I make. How I relate to my surroundings, my visual experience with the everyday and how I feel, are all in part influencing the esthetic of the work I do. Each layer is like a separate page of my journal. They all have their individual narrative.

Digital mark-making

These colorful squiggles are inspired by graphics which I first designed on my iPad. Using digital brushes offers me the possibility to treat mark-making systematically. Although these are initially created with spontaneous gestures, their configuration in the composition is precisely formulated. I then trace and paint these by regarding them as motifs. The objective is to unite digital aesthetic with a hand-crafted sensibility. I deliberately allow brush-marks in their making, and I also try not to make them look too perfect when inspected closely. Technology offers me the freedom to explore otherwise unconceivable shapes, which in return allows exponential possibilities for compositions.

Still in progress.


I wanted these black straight-edge lines to feel disconnected from the layer underneath. However, I wanted them to engage in a dialogue with the curvy grey shape. To achieve that, I executed them with a similar design approach - A network of various lines joined together. Imitating the architecture while using a different shape and modifying the rhythm resulted in what feels like a conversation between two wandering strangers. Abstract painting offers exponential possibilities when it comes to decision making like these. It commands constant questioning and makes it such an exciting process.

Still in progress…

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