Artist Statement

My artwork resides within an abstract and non-representational realm, with a primary emphasis on evoking emotions, exploring conceptual ideas, and showcasing formal elements. Although abstract in nature, my paintings bear a resemblance to still-life arrangements. I capture the essence of natural elements such as leaves, flowers, blooms, and branches, blending them with digital aesthetics. I meticulously construct imaginative spaces that serve as a meeting ground for the organic and the digital. These spaces become vibrant arenas where these seemingly distinct realms coexist, interact, and intertwine in harmony. 

I approach my practice as a perceptual challenge. I freely move between planned and improvised strategies. My creative process involves a combination of controlled mark-making and free associations. I establish rules, follow them, and then frequently break them, engaging in a battle against potential failure while celebrating spontaneity. Central to my inspiration is the interaction of colors, which act as vibrant performers in my paintings. I am also interested in the coexistence of formal elements, finding harmony and equilibrium within the chaos of disorder. 

Digital drawings hold a central and essential position in my artistic practice. They act as the foundation upon which my work is built. The digital realm, with its boundless potential, becomes a gateway to infinite possibilities, where I can push the boundaries of artistic expression and uncover uncharted territories of creative discovery. 

In my recent paintings, I have embarked on a deliberate exploration of a more relaxed approach to applying paint on the canvas. The once rigid hard-edge shapes have embraced a slight imperfection and a sense of ease. Intentionally allowing the underlying pencil sketches to peek through the layers of paint has been a deliberate choice, symbolizing my liberation from a methodological and linear approach. As a result, this evolution has granted me a newfound sense of freedom and spontaneity. I embrace the unexpected while still maintaining deliberate control over the composition. Through this transformative journey, my art practice has emerged with a refined balance between meticulous precision and liberated expression. 

Through my art, I strive to engage viewers in a visual dialogue where shapes, lines, and colors dance and converse with one another. It is in this interplay that I find joy and fulfilment, weaving a narrative that invites viewers to explore the depths of their own emotions and sensations. 


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