Artist Statement

My latest studio practice consists of a fetishist relationship with oil paint and my interest in digital technology. My main concern is to build layers while creating balance within multiple languages and relationships. The successions of layers in my paintings are meticulously planned. They are executed in various manners and have distinctive intentions. Each layer is meant to complement, enhance or discredit each other deliberately. This process involves initially exploring composition, color, shape, rhythm, intuition, and control through digital drawings. I then intend to translate the acquired information onto the canvas while referring to painting's culture and its capacity. This formalist approach enables me to create a space where meaning lays within the medium, as well as its physical and emotional possibilities. As a result, I am free to make a new leap of faith with each new mark, embrace structure and disorder simultaneously, and indulge with the notion of relevance.

A bit about me

My interest in humanitarian work and a profound desire to be useful to those in need lead me to be involved with programs providing support to orphan children in South Africa, India, Myanmar and recently in Haiti. This experience has given me the opportunity to create an Art Curriculum that aims specifically at helping children express themselves through playful art projects. After settling in London, I decided to focus on establishing this program with a non-governmental organization which supports children at risk in multiple countries - - As a result of this experience, my work has enriched in a manner which allowed me to re-introduce playfulness in my painting practice. Follow these links to learn more about my journey with WWO:

Kenscoff - Haiti, July 2018

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