Surface fetish

Being quiet and subdued are usually not my way to go at it. Although sometimes I aim to restrain myself, I generally end up pushing the composition's capability to the extreme. Excessiveness is exhilarating. Abusing the surface by charging up blobs of paint and luscious brushstrokes onto the canvas creates a sense of ecstasy to which I'm addicted to. My fetishistic rapport to the surface is one I haven't yet been able to tame.

Playing with composition

These scribblings might appear to be completely random. However, to achieve balance and a sense of “rightness”, I had to experiment quite a bit in sketching before finally approving these particular ones. Sampling various thickness of lines in different combinations, playing around with the directions they are moving from/to, searching, analyzing, experimenting, are all being part of an exhaustive process to obtain a composition that “feels” proper and solid. At times I work from a methodical/logical approach, and in other situations, I would proceed from a complete expressionist manner until I reach a satisfying result. No matter which tactics are involved, at the end of the day it is always a question of “what feels right” that determines the final composition. Above all else, it has to be fun and create a sense of rapture that begs me to contemplate the painting.

Still in progress.

Meaning and Narrative

People often ask "What do your paintings mean ?" The answer is always "They are meant to mean nothing." A definition of "Narrative" is: The art, technique or process of telling a story. If there is a narrative in my paintings, for me it lays in the process of creating them, not the result. People can see what they want or feel. They can create their own narrative around them, and I can't control that. Once completed, my paintings don't belong to me anymore. I like to think that they are autonomous and universal. That being said, I do believe that although I do not make conscious decisions to express a specific story, I credit my sensibility and my mood for the choices I make. How I relate to my surroundings, my visual experience with the everyday and how I feel, are all in part influencing the esthetic of the work I do. Each layer is like a separate page of my journal. They all have their individual narrative.

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